Tuesday, April 17, 2012

March 11, 2016

Well once again the fair fly anglers from Whitehorse are headed to  Skagway for the Dolly fishery.  The rivers are moderate level and clear. The fish are targeting out-migrating salmon fry, sculpins and such.

Greatest success has been with silver streamer immitations including mini speys, egg and I, epoxy minnows and Jansens minnows. Do not count out egg sucking leeches or white crystal buggers. Use a sink tip or full sinker and strip through the riffles and pools. Do not get lead feet as if no fish are pinned in 15 minutes or so, move on.

As March comes to a close fish flood tides with silver thornes and beach shrimp in green, chartreuse and olive, and small clouser minnow imitations. Intermediate lines and long casts are the order here.